Monday, March 4, 2013


Edmodo is a free and secure social networking platform that staff can use to share and access information about a variety of topics. You can use Edmodo as an online discussion forum for asking questions, sharing ideas and resources as well as engaging in discussions with colleagues.

Creating an account:

Our district has a domain on Edmodo. To join, follow the steps below:

1. Go to To create an account, click on the "I'm a Teacher" button.

2. This will bring you to a box like the one shown below.

To get your school code, e-mail me at

3. Type in the rest of the information and check the box, then click on the "Sign up" button.

Joining Other Groups:

There are also a number of other groups you can join to share and access information and engage in discussions with other educators. You can search groups by topic or you can join specific groups.

You can join other groups on Edmodo, by following these steps:

1. Once you have logged into your Edmodo account, on the left hand side, you'll see a section for "Groups" that looks like this:

2. Click on the word "Join" and you will see a box appear on the screen that looks like this:

3. Enter one of the codes listed below, then click on the button that says "Join". That's it.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) -- jjvdht

This group has been created for staff in our district to share questions, ideas, and information as well as discuss strategies to implement CCSS.

Basal Alignment Project (BAP) -- etuyrm

The BAP is a library of revised lessons for common Basal reading series (3rd-5th grades), each carefully aligned to the CCSS. Each new lesson includes quality text-dependent questions, improved tasks, and a focus on academic vocabulary. To access the lessons aligned to our current ELA program, go to the BAP folder, look for HMH/Medallion.

Anthology Alignment Project (AAP) -- pkx4sp
The AAP is a library of revised lessons for common anthologies for grades 6-10. 

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